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For over fifty years, Rosselli company has been dedicated to producing high-quality machines. To achieve this goal, every product is the result of meticulous research, design, and development. The company’s commitment to quality is also evident in the carefully selected materials and equipment used throughout the entire production process. These materials and equipment are carefully chosen and selected by the company’s experts.

Saldatura - Rosselli Snc


Rosselli products for cutting firewood are known for their reliability and durability. The range of products includes various types of circular saws, log splitters, conveyor belts, and trailers.


Rosselli is a company that cares about satisfying the needs of its clients through a constant search for new technologies that allow us to offer high-quality products. In this regard, our team has always invested in cutting-edge tools, such as electronic and computer equipment, which allow us to achieve precise and reliable results.


Rosselli products offer a wide range of functionalities that make them innovative and highly performant. They are designed to meet customers' needs by providing customized and highly efficient solutions.


The safety of our Rosselli products is one of our top priorities. All of our products undergo rigorous quality and safety checks before being marketed. Furthermore, we only use high-quality materials and cutting-edge production techniques to ensure the utmost reliability of our products.

"All of our products are built in our facilities in Italy."

Fabriqué en Italie

According to Rosselli, the phrase “Made in Italy” embodies a series of important characteristics that have become distinct signs of Italian companies. It is not only about the quality of the product, but also about the innovation, cutting-edge technology, and sturdiness that are incorporated into each individual model. For Italian companies, the “Made in Italy” label is more than just a stamp of authenticity – it is a promise of excellence. When you purchase a product made in Italy, you can be certain that you are investing in something truly exceptional that has been designed with beauty and functionality in mind. Whether you are interested in mechanics, production machinery, wood cutting products, or agricultural machinery, choosing “Made in Italy” is always a wise choice that will surely offer you years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

And finally, the quality of Rosselli machines is based on the choice to carry out every single production phase on site: our machines are strictly and rigorously made in Italy, from the design of the model to the final finishing phase; everything takes place within the company located in Castelnovo di Sotto in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Produzione seghe circolari Rosselli

As the market recently sees products claiming to be Italian but have very little Italian origin, Rosselli wants to reassure its loyal customers about the decision made many years ago: to guarantee an Italian-made machine, built with safe and reliable materials, authentic and of high quality. All in compliance with current safety regulations.

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