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Express 500 trailer for quads for forestry use
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What is the most suitable trailer for my needs?

Express 500

This model is suitable for transporting wood from 50 cm to 1 meter, small square hay bales, fruit or vegetable boxes and various equipment.

Express 500 series trailers - Rosselli Snc

Remorque pour bois avec des côtés

Express 500 is characterized by a front and a fixed rear side for greater load stability, the side boards are removable with hooks that allow you to close in total safety and reliability.

Express 600

This model is suitable for agricultural transport for vegetables or fruit, gardening (plants, equipment), branches, chopped wood, gravel and sand.

Trailers Express 600 Series - Rosselli Snc


Express 600 is characterized by two side rails and one rear removable. The sides are inserted into the main structure by means of pins and stabilized between them thanks to special hooks.