Miter - Saws bench

Sliding blade

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The Rosselli circular saw with sliding blade for a comfortable cutting experience

The table saw from the Rosselli miter saw category combines the convenience of saw benches with the simplicity of table saws.

With this circular saw you can cut long and heavy logs effortlessly.

In fact, just place the log on the bench and then move the blade towards it, in this way the blade will go towards the wood and not vice versa. This mechanism is very useful in cutting wooden poles, small diameter beams and long branches, in other words you move cuts by moving the disc.

Although these machines can work on long and heavy pieces, the overall dimensions of the bench are very small. However, the structure is solid and able to absorb vibrations especially on the handles  in such a way as to reduce stress on the operator’s arms.

When we talk about Rosselli machines we cannot fail to consider the possible customizations thanks to the range of options available. For example, the extensions for the bench which are particularly useful for cutting wooden poles and boards.

Miter saw with circular blade - professional
Miter saw for cutting long size wood

Phenomenal cuts in minimal spaces

In addition, it is possible to choose the diameter of the blade and consequently also the cutting depth, furthermore for a more accurate cut, you can opt for a Widia blade.

Another very important issue is safety. In this regard, all our miter saws are designed to ensure the highest degree of protection possible and at the same time give a pleasant experience.

Let’s illustrate in detail the measures that allow this. First of all, each machine has a specific compartment that holds the blade when not in use. When you start the cutting operation, a special toothed locking system immobilizes the trunk and at this point the blade comes out and starts working. Even in this phase there is no contact with the cutting part, in fact the teeth are shielded with special sheet metal protections.

If all this wasn’t enough, we’ve also included an emergency brake that  stops the rotation of the blade in less than ten seconds.

Now choose the miter saw that you like best and make it unique with the right options.


Posizionare il legno nella sega circolare

Position the wood to be cut

Spostare la lama circolare contro il legno per tagliarlo

Operate the lever with wood locking system

La lama della sega taglia il legno

The blade is protected and comes out cutting wood

Il legno è tagliato dalla lama di taglio

The blade can retract and the piece of wood is cut