L’informatore agrario

Special edition Eima 2016

On the occasion of the Eima Fair 2016, the magazine “L’informatore agrario” published a special edition with an insert concerning the innovations in the International Agricultural field. The article reported the innovations proposed by Rosselli in the saw-saw benches and focused on the new Express 600 trailers.

The newspaper of the “Rivenditore agricolo”

Eima Édition Spéciale 2016

The magazine “Il giornale del Rivenditore Agricolo” in N ° 5 of November / December 2010 publishes a presentation of the Rosselli company and of the wide range of log splitters and saw benches.

Vita in campagna

October Edition 1988

In October 1988, the newspaper “Vita in Campagna” offers a large article entitled “Saws and Logsplitters: engines and safety” in which they describe some tests on forestry machinery and clothing for safety. As regards the Rosselli company, some models of Sawbanks are reviewed, indicating the prices and characteristics.