Cutting wood is hard work that requires strength and time. With the new Iris log splitter by Rosselli, now producing firewood will be child’s play. In fact, even a beginner can feel like a skilled lumberjack. This horizontal log cutter is solid and robust, suitable for occasional cutters, but also for those who have to split large quantities of timber. Ever safer, thanks to the application of a new sheet metal protection on the work area (as required by European legislation) it is able to cut logs up to 500 mm in length. but if there is a need to split shorter logs, the limit switch can be adjusted to speed up the work. But if all this were not enough and you have numerous logs of variable length, Iris is equipped with a system called “2 Speed ​​System” which allows you to use two speeds, the first faster to reach the log and the second slower to break it. Designed to be your work ally, it is designed to be able to set up a wheelbarrow in front of you, so as to collect the cut logs and be immediately ready to transport them. Small but powerful, our log splitter has small dimensions, excellent for both the garden and the countryside, it is easy to store it in the garage or in the work tool area. Last, but very important, the pushing power is 8 real tons!


8 ton power



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Model Power Liters of oil Work pressure Cycle speed Full cycle speed Length of wooden logs Supply Maximum size Weight
Power Oil Pressione Velocita'1 Velocita'-ciclo Tronco-lunghezza Alimentazione Dimension Peso
Iris M 8 Ton.  10 L 210 bar° 16 sec 14 sec 500 mm Electric Motor 1,6 kw 2 HP 220V – Single-Phase 1100x540x1150 mm 125 Kg
Iris T 8 Ton.  10 L 210 bar° 16 sec 14 sec 500 mm Electric Motor 2,2 kw 3 HP 220V – Three-Phase 1100x540x1150 mm 125 Kg

View the videos of the horizontal logsplitter “Iris M” e “Iris T”



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