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Circular saw bench for wood

Grizzly 700 R is the high-power professional circular saw . Equipped with a structure and sharp blades, the Grizzly 700 R allows you to cut different types of wood with precision and ease, such as ash, oak, beech and chestnut, even the most knotty woods . Thanks to its robust and resistant structure, it is suitable for intensive and prolonged use in the professional field . Ideal for carpenters, lumberjacks, craftsmen and woodcutting enthusiasts who are looking for reliable, high-performance equipment for their work.

View the video while firewood is being sawed with the Grizzly 600 R

Professional saw bench

Circular table saw for professionals, Grizzly R is a professional circular table saw connected to the tractor for sawing firewood. This table saw is equipped with a tractor attachment to be connected to the tractor’s PTO via a cardan . The table saw has a cutting blade with a diameter of 600 mm, ideal for sawing firewood precisely. The size and cutting height depend on the blade  for efficient and professional woodworking . It is possible to lock the saw table during cutting to ensure precise and safe processing . It is advisable to consult the catalog to evaluate the best saws to buy for your woodworking business .

Macchina ter tagliare la legna facilmente modello Grizzly R

Power and speed

 The Grizzly 600 R professional circular saw is a great addition to your woodworking tractor . With a powerful 600mm blade and sturdy steel construction, this saw is designed to tackle even the most challenging tasks with ease. You will also be able to choose the most suitable circular blade for your use, we have a normal blade or a Widia blade. 

Saw bench connected to the tractor for sawing wooden logs

Thanks to its resistant construction, the Grizzly 600 R ensures long life and high performance during use. Equipped with a powerful and reliable motor, this circular saw offers precise and fast cutting for efficient woodworking . With the Grizzly 600 R, circular saw table for tractor, you can easily cut trunks and branches safely and quickly, making your work more efficient, professional and rapid. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to improve your woodworking  equipment !

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Grizzly 600 R circular saw for cutting wood