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Electric extension cord for log splitter and circular saw​

When it comes to using an electric log splitter or circular saw, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the quality and suitability of the electric cord. A high quality cable resistant to high temperatures and mechanical pressure is essential for optimum performance and safety. This is where Rosselli Snc comes in, offering world-class power cords specifically designed for circular saw and log splitter applications. To ensure operator safety and prevent any short circuits, it is essential to choose an electrical cable with adequate insulation. Proper insulation not only protects the operator from potential electrical hazards, but also minimizes the risk of short circuits that could damage the saw or even cause an accident.

Electric extension suitable for woodsplitter and circular saw Rosselli Snc
Prolunga elettrica monofase 220V per sega circolare e spaccalegna
Cavo trifase 380V per sega circolare e spaccalegna

For circular saws operating at 220V and 380V, Rosselli Snc recommends a minimum cable diameter of 2.5mm. This specific diameter ensures operator safety and ensures optimum performance of the circular saw. By following this recommendation, you can rest easy knowing that you are using a cord that meets necessary safety standards and provides the power and efficiency your circular saw needs.