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Dual is the new log splitter with internal combustion engine . It has two specials pneumatic wheels that allow it to be transported with tractors or lawnmowers equipped with eye hooks. While with the optional “ball attachment with handle” you can move the log splitter with Quads or cars directly to the place where you need to split and chop wood. All this independently, without electricity and annoying cables, thanks to the internal combustion engine . Just add petrol and that’s it! The log splitter is towable , but it is not approved for road circulation.

Dual is highly appreciated by our customers because it allows chopping wood directly in the woods or at the woodshed. Furthermore, during the work phase, the wood splitter is always stable, thanks to the adjustable stabilizers it is equipped with, it is possible to use the wood splitter on any terrain. The only thing that will move is the wood-splitting knife. These stabilizers are designed not to create bulk during transport as they are retractable. The production cycle has been made even shorter thanks to the double pump which speeds up the process of breaking and advancing the knife, also guaranteeing greater splitting force.

To speed up the production cycle a special double pump is installed so I can make the breaking process and the advancement of the knife more immediate with greater cutting force.

Model Tons of Power Liters of oil Work pressure Cycle speed Full cycle speed Log length Supply Max Dimensions Weight
Power Oil Pressure Speed 1 Speed-cycle Log-length wood Supply Dimension Weight
Dual 10 MSC 10 Ton. 12 L. 200 bar° 8 sec 13 sec 500 mm Engine 550x900x1500 mm. 120 Kg
Dual 12 MSC 12 Ton. 12 L. 200 bar° 8 sec 13 sec 500 mm Engine 550x900x1500 mm. 120 Kg


Look at the images of the combined log splitter (horizontal and vertical) Dual 10 Msc and Dual 12 Msc

One of a kind log splitter thanks to the two modes of use. The dual is indeed a log splitter either horizontal and vertical . The first position allows you to cut less heavy wood logs and to be able to break them not only centrally, as it is possible to position them so that the knife cuts in the desired point.

The second position allows you to break the heaviest logs and gnarled usually difficult to move. The vertical mode allows you to better manage the log allowing you to cut into smaller quarters thus avoiding the knot.

Finally, there is the possibility of a third specific position for transport, this makes the log splitter less bulky as well as facilitating towing.