Video of the “Grizzly 600 R” circular saw with widia blade while sawing firewood

New grid guard for the Grizzly 600 R circular saw.

The video shows the new Grizzly 600 R circular saw with the widia blade while cutting firewood. Now the new saw has a protection grid capable of sawing wood in complete safety and ease.

This model is supplied with a 600 mm diameter circular blade. while the Grizzly 700 R has a 700 mm blade. .

Now the user will never be in contact with the work area and will be completely remote from the cutting blade.

You will be able to put more logs and branches of wood in the compartment so you will have less effort in less time.

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Horizontal hydraulic log splitter with electric motor 210V 8 TON – IRIS M

The Iris M hydraulic log splitter with 8 TON of power with single-phase 210V electric motor.

Its characteristic is the system with two forward speeds.

Thanks to the special distributor it can use a faster speed to recover the spaces without wood, and a slower speed but with more force to break the wood.

The Iris model is available in both single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V.

In the video you can see the cross knife which optimizes the breaking of the trunk in 4 parts.

Conveyor belt version “Skylift Special Edition” version

The conveyor belt for the transport of firewood. Rosselli produced a special edition with some features. Lengthening tape in length, conveyor belt adjustable in height, steering wheels to move the structure on the whole body. Through the hydraulic circuit I can use the tape to advance or stop.

Ideal conveyor belt for the transport of wood suitable for professional use.

Eima 2016

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The stand Rosselli on Eima 2016  International Edition (Bologna from 09 to 13 November 2016).